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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm quite sure that isn't a word, however it doesn't matter. I've been known to make up words before, and there is no doubt in mind, it will happen again!

I've made some tough decisions of late, and with much thought and agonizing, finally I came to terms with a biggie. I stepped down from a role that brought me joy for a number of years. However, the role was time consuming, and I was on 'duty' or felt like it 24/7! It became time to move on to new uncharted territory!

Within a couple of weeks, I discovered a new focus. A brand new role presented itself, that would allow me such personal growth and professional development, I seized the opportunity!

I'm back to being excited and thrilled with what is going to be yet again a path of new self discovery. Yesterday my boss made an offer that was so unexpected, and has so touched me. A kind generous offer that actually brought a tear to my eye. She sees it, she 'gets it'. She sees who I am, and what inspires me.

I am indeed incredibly fortunate and I am ever so grateful. Grateful for my own ongoing quest for self discovery, the growth that is so part of who I am, and has been my entire life.

People that see what is in me, and are encouraging me, mentoring me to be the very best me I can be.

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