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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Balancing Act!

I am struggling to make a decision - that for others it seems it should be a no-brainer. For me it is agonizing, the process that I need to go through to make the decision. And I know this process cannot be rushed - or down the road I'll question myself, did I make the right decision - for me truly?

It boils down to the fact I've taken on too many projects. I am stressed ALL the time, I can't sleep at night, for my thoughts are always turning to the one volunteer tole that has been my 'baby' for nearly three years. And I've loved doing it. This year it seems I've had more work to do for this role than ever before. The email alone it generates, is frankly insane to try to keep on top of on a day to day basis.

This year it seems my life has been taking some major detours, and I'm going down roadways I've never explored before!

I can pro and con the decision till I am blue in the face, it doesn't make the decision any easier!

So, it lurks in my mind, do I step down in a volunteer role I used to love to do, or do I see out one more year of it and hope that it does get better?

What to do, what to do?

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