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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Adding more to the plate!

We are funny creatures aren't we?

I have a full plate,  a really full plate, and yet, I can't seem to stop adding MORE stuff.. projects, tasks!  What am I starving or what? ;)

I start a  class this week, and the following week I will begin a second class, so for a time I'll be juggling, 2 courses, homework, working full time, add to that errands, getting my chores done (we still need clean clothes, and to you know cook, and eat!!)  And I know now important it is to have yes some social life, and some me time- relaxing!

And yet I find myself adding yet more stuff! Lately I find myself perusing knitting patterns! Just last week I started a NEW project.  A big new project! why do I do this to myself I wonder?  I cast on a cardigan, and while that sounds simple enough, it will take time, plenty of time, and time I won't have.  I know this about myself.... I AM A SLOW KNITTER! And while I'm ok with that fact, the choice of a cardigan is not exactly practical!  I picture myself staying up really, really late, or getting up extra early!  (and as it is now it is I am an early riser between 5 to 5:30am! )  Ah well!   

In other projects..on my needles currently are:

1)  Newly Designed Cowl!  (nameless as of yet!)  in a luscious tonal Malabrigo pink, that highlights the subtle changes of colour within this beautiful yarn very effectively!  Sometimes a pattern just sort of happens ! Soon, I'll be posting the pattern! 

2) Cardi - knit in Sirdar 'Folksong' a chunky yarn (at least that part was practical!), so it should knit up fairly quickly, we will see!

Finishing up:

My Mini-Mania Memory Scarf ( need to create a blog entry on this project soon!) - I just have ends to sew in...  The pattern is on  here:  Mini-mania-scarf and several members in my knit group are making their version of this colourful and happy  pattern that was a joy to knit!!

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  1. I can't wait to see your cardigan, its going to be lovely!