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Sunday, February 16, 2014

What’s on my mind today?

Back to school!
It’s been a bit of a wait for my courses to begin again, and I’m extremely excited to get started again! Just like a little kid waiting for Santa, yes I’m counting down the sleeps! Only 3 more sleeps!  Excited, for so many reasons! A new beginning, a new career, and taking mega-action to make my world/life what I want and need it to be! I truly can’t wait, and I’m so eager to get this party started! (I may regret saying that in a few weeks time!)

So, I’m madly trying to get the home front organized, as best I can! Because I work full time, this going back to school is going to be a major challenge to manage my time, to get done what needs to get done!  We still need to eat, and have clean clothes, and sleep! My theme this week is as the Brownies/Girl Guides say ‘ Be Prepared’!

So with that, I’m pretty much ‘nesting’ like an expectant momma! So errands, and cleaning laundry, groceries, semi-planning my wardrobe and meals for the next couple of weeks at least. And setting up my own wee ‘homework station’ - that is going to be the ‘no touch zone’ for the kid!

I have my school supplies all in order, complete with new pens, tick! highlighters, tick! notebook, tick! binder, tick! And of course my course manual!  Tick!

And the mandatory – what will I wear the first day of class? :)

Stay tuned! I plan on posting some of my new adventures and surely some  trials and tribulations!

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