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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back to Blogging!

Yep, after a long hiatus, I'm feeling a strong need/desire to put down my thoughts, ideas, post some articles and writings, photographs, knitting and crafting projects, and maybe add some inspiring words.....

While I'm on Facebook, and other social media websites, what I do enjoy about blogging, is I to a certain degree I can make 'it my own'....and for me that is fitting/necessary!

I've always loved writing in all formats; be it a journal, blog or writing an article, fiction- short story, or poetry, it really  truly is at the core of my being! I can't not write!
Life is about to get crazy busy for me, and it seems only natural to yes, add another project to the mix - doesn't it? !!!  ;)  

Today it is another cold morning/afternoon - -24c this am.   To cheer myself up, in the winter months, I search out something that brightens the day.  Today I found this little gem...

Nose Hill Park, taken on Aug 29, 2013  by me.
It just makes me happy!  Do you have a colour or a photo that makes you happy?

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  1. that photo makes me happy.. because I love Nose Hill, and those flowers, AND the colour yellow. its a triple score!
    Knitting and creating also makes me happy. Friends and Music make me happy, and today, I was looking at the Folkfest website... tickets go on sale April 24th.... take note!!!!